Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mixed pics (and costumes!)

Here are some exciting pics and previews that I can't seem to organize into posts, so here they are - the island of misfit pics! Enjoy!

A couple of 4th grade layered landscapes

Kindergarten colors and cutting for backgrounds...

Pristine paints... Let's admire them before they are destroyed :)

Painting primaries for "Popsicles"

4th grade iPad research for character collages... Can't wait to see these!

Leah's drawing for our school Holiday card

Shani's card design for the city of Johns Creek

An old piece I found in a file from my middle school teaching days, written by a special needs 8th grader - so sweet.

Sunshine on my drying rack

5th grade elephant painting underway

My daughter Kinsey made her own costume this year - Edward Scissorhands!

Mr. and Mrs. Knight as Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler, 15 years later :)


  1. Hi Hope
    It all looks fabulous. Your Halloween costumes are LOL - my husband and I are big fans of the show.

  2. LOVE the costumes! Haha. You daughter's is pretty amazing too. Kind of surprised she knows who Edward Scissorhands is!


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