Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reading Extravaganza 2013

What a day it was! A whole day dedicated to the joys of reading and celebrating our favorite book characters, not to mention the book fair! Teachers and students alike were sporting costumes and the halls were like a storybook wonderland.
The book I chose to share with my K-5 classes today was I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen, and I dressed the part of The Bear. I've posted before about my love for this adorable, funny, and slightly twisted mystery book. After the read, each class looked at a few more examples of animals with human characteristics in literature, such as in the work of Beatrix Potter, and then we spent the last few minutes of class designing our own anthropomorphic characters - I just had to throw that impressive word out there to the kids - with tennis playing hedgehogs and log cabin building beavers.
So here are a few of our inspirations, followed by some of our own drawings - they are mostly unfinished because of time limitations but they took them home to complete as a souvenir of an awesome day.



  1. Hi Hope
    Your student art is so charming. I am unfamiliar with the book 'I want my hat back'. I need to get my hands on that book - I would love to try drawing those little animals with my students.

  2. Nice! great outfit, Hope! Klassen is great. My kids and I also love his "This Is Not My Hat":)


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