Saturday, October 27, 2012

Torn paper landscapes: KDG (2012)

As an introduction to landscape and space, kindergarteners learned what a horizon line is and what goes above and below it.  Each class collected green, yellow, and blue papers from magazines, raided the scrap boxes, and we also made some texturized papers ourselves.  We carefully collaged the torn papers to create a sky, a sun, and a grassy field, and defined the areas with a length of thick yarn.  I was inspired to create this lesson by a similar product over at Dali's Moustache.  I just love the results, and it was successful for all students : )  Next up, taking landscapes a little further with Grant Wood style pumpkin farms!
prepping our papers!


  1. I like the addition of coloured wool for the horizon and sun. It offers definition. Thanks.

  2. Gorgeous, the torn paper collage looks great on the orange paper base.

  3. Great results. I love the addition of the yarn.


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