Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mini Monets, 5th

Monet's method of creating multiple views of the same settings has been a staple in my teaching since my first year. Fifth graders enjoy learning how Monet and his Impressionist friends show the changes in the colors of the landscape as the light changes, and as the seasons change.
Part of our curriculum involves creating thumbnail sketches before a final product, and most years I am more smitten with these tiny sketches than the final paintings, so this year we chose two to mat, and present the pair of minis as a final product. Students chose a traditional Monet theme, such as haystacks, the skyline over the river, or waterlilies, and then visualized them in two different times of day. Each image is 4x6" and is made with dashes of oil pastel, blended with a neutral color over the top. Lastly, we sampled and selected background colors that made our pastel scenes glow.

a funny and informative video intro to Monet

Inspirational photos and examples
students at work on their minis



  1. Those are really neat! The kids did a good job. I enjoy teaching my students about Monet's methods as well. I think what he did really resonates with students, and the kids love seeing different views of the same landscape. The pastels in your students' work emulate Monet's style beautifully :).


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