Thursday, October 4, 2012

Landscape Layers, 4th grade

Fourth graders reviewed the parts of a landscape and looked at nature photos to help us plan our landscapes with layers. We also looked at examples of Impressionist landscapes, and the way these artists used multiple, unblended colors which allows our eyes do the mixing. After looking at the impressive student examples from the arteascuola blog,  we stacked between 6-9 layers of grassy fields, rocky shores, glossy lakes, dense forests and majestic mountain ranges, among other things. We used visual texture patterns and different color groups to differentiate one layer from the next, emphasizing space as we move up from the bottom to the top of the picture plane.

using nature photos for ideas


  1. I’m very happy to share my works!! Thanks to you , your student are very creatives!

  2. Some beautiful examples, great use of pattern and color to create depth. I'm planning an adaptation of this project to do with my students soon!

  3. These have such full, satisfying compositions. I like how many landscape examples you handed out for inspiration. They definitely seemed inspired!

  4. Love these! Have seen them on Pinterest before and I think I will definitely be using this for my 3rd graders! I really like how you had them look at different landscape examples to come up with their own! I'm trying to show my students less examples that I have made because they tend to copy them.

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