Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mixed media still life

Fifth graders created a still life using elements found in Paul Cezanne's celebrated still life paintings - tablecloth, fruit, and a vessel, such as a pitcher. We painted and collaged papers, as well as texturized and blended with crayons to create the mixed media look. This lesson covers almost every objective in unit 1 of our curriculum - color schemes, value, space, etc. Thanks to Mrs. Crosbie's blog for the inspiration!


  1. Great job, I love the mixed media approach. Your table cloths are very nicely done - are they done with acrylic on black with the pattern scratched in, and then torn to shape?

    1. Yes, green and white tempera brushed on black paper quickly, then use the back of the brush to draw in texture, and tear edges when dry. Thanks!

  2. I'm loving the fact that these still lives are spreading around the globe. my students will be so excited!
    Mrs Crosbie


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