Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photography club: getting started

Our club has met 3 times so far, and we have learned the different functions on the camera and some very basic editing options, as well as learning to save our work from the camera folders on our laptops into our individual folders. Our first photos were taken outside, looking for lines and shapes in our surroundings. During editing, we talk about creating an interesting composition through positive and negative space. Next, we are planning to move our pictures to an online gallery, so students can work on them at home or share them with family and friends, and eventually create a club blog. Here are some of our very first "elemental" pics of lines and shapes...


  1. What kind of cameras are your kids using??

    1. Last year I bought 6 Kodak EasyShare M530's. They are simple to use and we like them, although they are really small.


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