Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Matisse's "room with a view"

Matisse's Interior with Egyptian Curtain
Second graders continued the theme of "-ishful thinking" as we examined the colorful window view paintings of Henri Matisse. We spent a few minutes imagining and visualizing window views before we dove right in to the tempera paint, reviewing tints, shades and color mixing right on our painting papers. Day 2 involved adding the oil pastel details - we learned how using different media gets different looks. Beauties!


  1. The students obviously had a great time with this - I especially like the one with the orange swirl border!

  2. Excellent work. I love how freely 2nd graders can work without getting too caught up in "what's right."

    1. Having done the Ish book just before really helped with that!

  3. It's no secret that Matisse is my favorite. Nice lesson- great results- so vibrant and colorful!


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