Thursday, September 27, 2012

Landscape painting, 2nd grade style

Second graders learned the three parts of a landscape, as well as different techniques for creating space in a landscape: size changes, placement changes, and value changes. We drew our landscapes with crayon, mixed different values of blue and green tempera, and added the details with oil pastels, remembering to make size changes as the flowers moved from the foreground to the background. I really think these are charming, and I love the repetition of the organic sheep's wool in the clouds!
I was inspired to create this lesson by this post on Artsonia.


  1. Very cute! Did you do the sheep and clouds first?

    1. Thanks, yes, we drew the hills and cloud shapes first, including the "clouds" that eventually became sheep by adding black pastel.

  2. These are simply adorable and have a very folk-art quality that remind me of Maud Lewis's work. A great lesson on perspective for the little ones. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Great examples on how to use perspective to create a landscape.
    Your students did a great job.
    I love the colors.


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