Thursday, May 7, 2020

Your artwork is ready to go home!

I am so happy to share that all of the artwork we made this year is sorted, packed into your portfolios, and ready for you to take home on the day you are picking up your belongings. The only exceptions to that are the incomplete clay creations and sewing/weaving projects that were still on looms or hoops - I have all of those safely tucked away and we will start next year off with those, so don’t be disappointed! Even the bulletin board works are down and packed - whew!

Even though we missed our art show (for the first time ever!) and didn’t quite get to all the projects we had planned, we still accomplished a lot of work and have impressive portfolios to be proud of. Please take the time to go through these as a family and celebrate your progress as an artist.
Here’s a little look at the art room how we left it - I promise it will look back to normal next time you visit! 

If you have any unfinished work in your portfolio, it's not too late to put the finishing touches on and upload to Artsonia or Seesaw. Remember the High Museum is also accepting student art submissions on their Facebook gallery - just click this link.

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