Tuesday, May 26, 2020

School's out, Summer's here! 2020

I wanted to write one more blog post about this school year's end before summer kicks in! We had two drive by parades, celebrating our graduating 5th graders, and one celebrating the retirement of our data clerk extraordinaire, Nancy Adams.


I was super excited to find this cute sign in my yard from my awesome admin team! I had to share the space with my son who is now a high school graduate.

I got to visit some of the Teams meetings and some of us even drew together! 

I loved seeing all the amazing videos created by Megan Endicott, our music teacher, and Brad Agnew, our parent yearbook creator - thanks for the many hours you put into creating these memories for us! I loved seeing the thank-yous from the kids.

  And the art was still coming in - here are a few highlights from the final week. 

All 3 Phillips brothers submitted artwork to the High Museum's student online gallery - so cool!


I cleaned my room and distributed all the portfolios to the homeroom teachers - all 26. 

Happy summer everyone - stay safe and have fun - I've got more "dog training” to do 😃. See you soon! 

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