Sunday, May 3, 2020

Mystery Drawing Monday: Mother’s Day Edition

This drawing can be a nice surprise for your mom or another special person in your life. If your mom is hanging around, you might politely ask her to look away so your drawing will be a surprise! Mother’s Day is next Sunday, May 10.

Mystery drawing packets are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop, and they are having a big sale May 5-6.
Shoutout to 4th grader Mason who submitted a drawing he made at home to the High Museum’s Student gallery!


  1. Replies
    1. Did you see that Owen and Aiden have submitted drawings now, too? They submitted shark drawings! :)

    2. Oh that's so great! I will go find it now. Thanks!

  2. Hi Hope, what are you using to hold your camera during these videos?

    By the way, my kids are loving mystery drawing with me when I see them on Microsoft Teams meetings. It is so special! Your packets have been life-saving!

    1. Hey Laura - I bought a device I found online - it is a clip light with a camera holder and an adjustable arm, about $20.


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