Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Artsonia Station display and handout

At the end of last year, we created an area of the artroom designated for photographing, editing, and publishing our artwork independently as students completed projects. It is called the "Artsonia Station" and it is awesome! Students in grades 2-5 used it a lot during those last weeks and I had a lot of comments on Instagram about the center.
Great news! I have a new printable format available on Teachers Pay Teachers, including five printable pages that can be enlarged to bulletin board size or used as is for a smaller center. I have also condensed the pages into a single-page, 2-sided handout if you don't have room for a center, or just want a small one for sketchbooks.
Artsonia has been a really popular addition to our art program - families love how easy it is to share the artwork. The students are taking great pride in publishing their art along with thoughtful artist statements. We even get rewarded with a portion of the gift shop profits! 
Here's where you can find the Artsonia Station :

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