Friday, August 19, 2016

Year 25 - here we go!

Welcome back, Smartest Artists and Dolvin families! This is the beginning of a big milestone for me - my 25th year as an art teacher - and I'm hoping to make it a memorable one, beginning with my new logo here. I had fun with its evolution...
Let's start out with a little room tour - I tried to get a panoramic shot but failed miserably, so just imagine the next group of pics in order and connected :).
I am really lucky to get to spend my school days in such a fantastic room with everything we need.

This year, my artists are going to focus on a community service project, #petpARTners, which will promote awareness of the animals in our local shelter FurKids. They are loving it so far!

Class Dojo is almost completely set up, so those points should start rolling in soon! It is a classroom management system that is fun to use and a quick way to share some behind the scenes shots with families.

We will also continue developing our Artsonia digital portfolios once we get a couple of projects completed. Here is our uploading center - you can get the information for a station like this here at my Teachers pay Teachers store:

Many teachers in my school are using Seesaw for their classroom digital portfolios, so I made a similar station for them, also in my TpT store.
Here it is on display in Mrs. Endicott's music room:

Lots of art is already in the works... We keep our work in these handy portfolios, which will go home at the end of the year.

Have a restful weekend and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your room! It's my 25 th year, too! And I am still so motivated and love it! Have a good year! A fellow "veteran" teacher!!!

    1. Thanks Vicky and same to you! Here's to an awesome 25th - clink! :)

  2. Beautiful room! Happy "silver" year!

  3. You are so amazing! Thanks for sharing!! I'm totally going to use some of your ideas! Thanks for being an inspiration.


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