Friday, September 4, 2015

Class Dojo: Smartest Artist style!

***UPDATE*** since this post, Class Dojo released its Class Story feature - an Instagram-like feed where teachers can quickly and easily post pics and updates to the whole class and families can see and like ❤️. I love it because I take a lot of pics- here's what it looks like.

I am happy to be sending home parent codes this week for families to access Class Dojo in the art room!
Last year was my first experience with Class Dojo and I felt like it was a potentially great tool for giving student feedback in a fun, quick, and easy way that also uses technology. We tried out a few things last year, like linking with homeroom classes and sharing points - turns out this is great when the whole school is participating because each student's "monster" follows them everywhere they go throughout the school day - great for accountability. However, not every classroom at our school is using CD so I decided to create an account just for my classes, making rewards and achievements much easier to keep straight, and we can focus on specific art room behaviors.

Here is the way points are earned... my iPad or laptop will be open to the site with the kids' names showing.
Ready for Art: one table earns this point at the very beginning of class for entering the room quietly and sitting correctly with eyes on teacher.
Good thinking: students can earn this point by answering questions correctly during class, or by showing great originality or creativity in their work.
Artist Behavior: students earn this point by demonstrating good behavior choices (see pic below)
Clean Up: one table earns this point by cleaning up quickly, correctly and quietly.

Students can also lose points for disrespectful choices or not following directions

In the next few weeks, I will begin unveiling exciting rewards for reaching different levels with points - these may include stickers, art grab bags, and - later in the year - special art events with Mrs. Knight! There are also cool ways to share pics and information with families - this is the next step for me :).
***Update: after the first 9 weeks, we had a rewards day where anyone who had met the 10 point level received their Art Star sticker and the highest point classes in each grade level received a handmade Art Star crayon. We will have another rewards day at the end of each 9 week period.

So, parents please be on the lookout for your special code to check in on your little artist's points. Art teachers - if you haven't tried out Class Dojo, I highly recommend it as not only a behavior management system, but an awesome way to give feedback to many students in an easy and quick way. Setting it up is a breeze - I just have the students come over and type their own name in, which saves me a lot of work, and if time permits they can even select their own dojo monster - this is also a good reward.


  1. Maybe one day I can get this going in my room!!!

  2. Love your post on this! I plan on using class Dojo this year and was wondering what your "art star stickers" look like and what other rewards you give your students and at what level?! I'm very excited to try this out but would also like some ideas for rewards. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Shelly - I bought some sparkly foam star stickers at Michaels that served as my Art Star stickers - a bag of several hundred was about $7. I did several different rewards throughout the year, like the handmade crayons in this post and some hand printed stars I made with styrofoam and ink. I also downloaded free certificates from Class Dojo and my highest point classes at the end of the year got to make Shrinky dinks!
      I'm thinking of moving toward more play based rewards like play doh day or some other crafty things. I'm definitely on board for dojo again this year!

  3. I'm interested to know if you have continued to use CD. I'd also like to know a little more about how you link up with the other teachers in the school that use it.

    1. Hi Stephanie - I am still using it, but I may need to change soon because our whole school is trying to find a system that works across the building. I still like posting pics in class story so parents can see behind the scenes. The kids still enjoy earning points for specific behaviors, although sometimes we are so busy in our 45 min sessions there are times we can't fit it in. Ideally, all teachers in the school would use it and points can be added/lost by any teacher, creating accountability everywhere. But now, only some use it so I don't share points, I just keep mine separate.

  4. I am curious as to how many classes you have. We use CD and I just post to the classroom. I'd like to start using the portfolio part, but I don't want to have to do this on their homeroom page. It would be nice to have their own art CD but this feels like a lot to manage when you teach K-6 and you're the only art teacher.


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