Saturday, September 12, 2015

Clever and Cute Animal faces in K!

My kinderartists learned about mixing two primary colors to create a secondary color this week, and we practiced by painting or scribbling a big round circle with our mixed colors. Next we talked about geometric shapes and how to cut them out. The goal is to be able to glide the scissors across the paper like a pencil - free-cutting. Some students tried this method and others who felt less confident with cutting tried drawing the shapes first and had good luck with that. The shapes became the faces of our favorite animals when glued to the big circles. 
We were behind one day due to a teacher workday so that class tried the scribble technique, making it possible to complete in just one session. I really like the energy in these - such a great effect from simple scribbles and shapes.



  1. So many skills all in one lesson -- love the efficiency!!

    1. Thanks Christie! You made my day - efficiency is high on my list of things i appreciate!!!

  2. I love both ways you created these! I like the texture and color blends in the scribble method pieces and I love the appearance of the mixed paint pieces! They both have great qualities! :)

  3. LOVE the scribble creatures!! Did they use pencil crayons or crayons? They're so fresh and modern :)

  4. I love Isha's!!! Too adorable :)


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