Saturday, August 22, 2015

Getting things rolling for 2015-16

It has been an exciting and busy two weeks of school! Here are a few things that have been happening down around room 662...
Getting the room ready - my room was a holding area for some of the renovation spots in the building, so here's what I walked into on day 1 of preplanning:

And here are some more organized spaces :)

I'm a huge Peanuts fan, so when I saw this classroom decor, I had to make it the theme of my art achievement wall.

The first week, we handled some business like seating assignments, discussing procedures and expectations with Class Dojo, then we enjoyed some art games and puzzles in a rotation. Most kids aren't dressed for art day during that first week, so we kept it clean :).

The second week theme with all classes was collaboration - working with others to achieve a common goal. Each grade level had a particular idea behind their collaboration, like the line designs seen below in first grade and the selfies in the fifth grade banner, also below, which came from the blog post here : . More of these to be posted very soon... Check back!

Coming up next is a large mural to represent the "7 Mindsets" philosophy our school is following this year. It will be a progressive mural, growing a bit each month as our learning grows.

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  1. My room was the storage locker for all the furniture from our CST and faculty room this summer because of renovations! Why the art room?! I couldn't even get in my room without climbing over things! :0 Hoping it's all out this week! I only have Tuesday to work in my room since they are closing the building for construction on Wed and possibly Thur. Everything looks like it's going well in your room! Love the collaborative projects! I'm starting with a combo of independent and collaborative. Some of the independent has to be used for beginning data for SGO's for this year! Keep up the awesome! :)

    1. Have a great new year Mrs. C! Hang in there, it always falls into place :)

  2. Ahh I love those Op Art cards!!! Where did you get them from??

    1. They are from the Usborne Company - I don't remember exactly where they came from but most likely Dick Blick or Crizmac.

  3. I really love this display. Very powerful use of monochromatic colors.


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