Monday, May 11, 2015

Our last Needle & Thread club

Today was our last club meeting of the year - we started off with snacks the kids brought in, including these adorable cupcakes made by Cadyn and her mom, with buttons and our logo - so cute and tasty!

Next was time for tie-dye out back. It was super hot outside - what happened to spring? I hope to see these shirts once they are finished - I sent home directions for rinsing after the dye soaks in a few hours. Thanks to Michael's for the 50% off coupon I used for the dye kits - the pre-filled squirt bottles are so much easier than the big dye buckets I used as a kid.

My fifth graders will be missed next year - they were really helpful with the younger kids and took on DJ duty some afternoons.

The previous week we stenciled our logo on the shirts before tie-dying, and created no-sew tote bags made from recycled t-shirts.

We learned a lot and had fun together on Monday afternoons - looking forward to more needle & threadventures next year!

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