Saturday, May 16, 2015

5th grade clay bowls

Just like my recent 4th grade post, clay got pushed into the last few sessions of art for the year, so I needed something we could build in a day and glaze the next week, and still fit in some clay learning. So, souvenir bowls it was for my soon-to-graduate 5th graders.
On building day, the kids rolled their own slabs and texturized them before pressing into the styrofoam bowl molds. We also rolled coils for the numbers and scored/slipped for joining.

This past week, we returned the newly fired ceramic bowls to the styrofoam for support during glazing and to remind the kids not to glaze the bottoms. We used several coats of glaze and loaded them into the kiln for the second time...

Voila! Beautiful bowls that will serve as a nice memory from their time in elementary art class. Best of luck in middle school and beyond, 5th graders!


  1. I really like this lesson! I think it's just a really great memento too. I like it better than face pots!

  2. I love this project and plan to try it out myself with my 5th graders. I would love some advice. Did the students start with a circle slab or square? Also did you use anything to make sure when they roll out the slab it wouldn't get too thin? Thank you!


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