Friday, May 1, 2015

4th grade Straw Weaving

My 4th graders loved this lesson, and it was a great brain break during testing weeks. Finished weavings can be worn as bracelets, used as bookmarks, or any other creative thing you choose. I followed the steps given in this website - - it comes with great photo steps which I projected on my whiteboard to guide the process.
I made my straws and yarn slightly larger - 6 and 12" - because my kids were a little older than the ones in the directions.
The kids learned the vocabulary from my weaving handout, available on Teachers pay Teachers here:
The directions on the back of the handout are for cardboard loom weaving, which I do with my 5th graders, but the intro, vocab, and history are the same.
Thanks so much to our business partner Chik-fil-A for the donation of straws! Their straws have a large diameter, which is helpful. This project took three to four 45 minute sessions.


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