Friday, December 20, 2013

Evergreens in Winter


Two 45 minute sessions: one for intro, sketching, choosing colors and cutting; one for gluing, painting, glitter, art walk.
I have done this project with my third graders over the last few years as a collagraph printing lesson with great success. My timing was a little off this time around, so we did it as a collage and we will approach collagraph with a different subject when we return in January. 

Using Fadeless brand paper, we selected warm or cool colors for our trees, inspired by the tree lot scene from Charlie Brown. That's a perk of being artists - we can choose any colors we want for our ever"greens". I like the Designer pack of Fadeless paper because it includes metallics and a wide range of intermediates. We looked at photos of real evergreens like pines, spruce, and fir when drawing the tree shapes. Overlapping was emphasized in the placement stage, and a final spritz of white paint followed by a dusting of clear glitter tops it off. The doily at the top makes a great snow cloud.



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