Wednesday, December 18, 2013

5th grade Artist Statements

 My 5th graders spent their art time this week labeling, trimming and mounting our final prints, and some students traded their extras with their classmates. Because we are trying to focus more on using personal voice in our work and making connections with our art, I thought this lesson on Community Maps would be a great fit for writing an artist statement. You can see more about this printmaking lesson, which also involves a technology element, here in this previous post -




  1. Love the artist statement! We are also doing a lot of writing/thinking/analyzing with our art work this year. I'm finding that the kids are getting a greater understanding of what and how they have created their pieces. I'm seeing a difference in how they talk about/analyze their/other artists art work. It does take more time but it has been so worth it! :)

  2. Muy buenos trabajos!!!!
    un saludo Ana


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