Monday, December 2, 2013

3rd grade Calder Sculptures

Alexander Calder was an American artist known mostly for his kinetic sculptures - mobiles which hung from the ceiling, and stabiles which stand on the ground. Balance, form, shape, space and color work together in these modern, whimsical designs. My third grade classes made stabiles from recycled yarn cones and mobiles using a variety of sticks, straws and wires. Colorful craft foam is great for the shapes because of its light-as-a-feather quality.



Our stabiles look great on display in the media center!



  1. I love projects where kids have to balance elements. So much science and math learning going on along with the art!!!

  2. very cool. love the play with actual balance. great use of yarn cones too. you got 200 more i can use?;)


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