Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Peter H. Reynolds books: Ish and The Dot

On the first day of art, second and third graders get inspired for great things by reading these books with me on our reading rug. Both books focus on overcoming insecurities and self-doubt when it comes to creating art.
My second graders love the book Ish, and made a set of Ish drawings by pulling a stick with a word on it to draw. Their favorite was "your wish-ish", which of course allows you to draw whatever you wish!

Next, we cut out our drawings and made an Ish story collage, which were silly stories that combined our drawings into one scene. Our signatures were, of course, signature-ish.

My bulletin board description
Third graders "just made a mark" to see where it would take their drawing, as did Vashti in The Dot.


  1. Both of these are fun lessons. I want to be a student in your classroom!

  2. I love your -ish extension with the collages. I am using "The Dot" as we begin school. Your finished dot pictures are fabulous! I'll be sharing some dot work, soon.


  3. Thank you for sharing your samples of "The Dot"! I hope to do something similar this year with my second graders.

  4. I have plans to start with my third grade students tomorrow! I can't wait!!! Thank you for the inspiration ;)


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