Friday, September 13, 2013

In progress Instagrams

A few shots of works in progress this week. See them at smartestartists on Instagram!


  1. What are the printed borders on the edges of your kids' projects? Are you using a special kind of paper?

    1. Ah yes, good question. We are doing projects for Original Works - the company that prints kids' art on different products - and this year is the first year they are doing an online gallery and they requested we use their specific paper for their high speed scanner. I was a little bummed at first because nothing can be glued on, it all has to be drawn/painted directly, and I am used to sending in mixed media. But so far, it's working out -I just changed the projects up a bit. Nice to hear from you Marie :)

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  3. Ah ok. I was imagining drawing paper with project directions, or a reminder to put your name on it printed around the edge. I lurk =)Always love seeing what you're doing over here.


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