Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Miro style tissue painting

 Second graders are learning about abstract art by analyzing several different Miro works, like this one, "People and Dog in Front of the Sun." We discovered that reading the title really helps when looking at abstract art, and you definitely need to use your imagination! 

 Next, we found some shapes that Miro likes to use a lot, like stars, spirals, and lines with dots. We drew a sharpie scene using this style, and the really fun part was the tissue painting in the background. It's pretty simple with a colorful tie-dyed effect. Simply brush water over the drawing, lay tissue squares over the page, and let dry. Peel and shake the squares off when dry - the more water you use, the softer the color, and the less you use the brighter the color with a crackly texture.
Thanks to The Elementary Art Room for the lesson inspiration!


  1. These are really gorgeous. I think 2nd graders have the best imaginations :)

  2. Beautiful. The contrast is exciting...pinning now.

  3. I'm so glad I ordered tissue paper this year, these are a must do. Beautiful!


  4. Yep I really like these too!

  5. Gorgeous--I'm stealing this one, Hope!


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