Thursday, May 9, 2013

What a show!

Tonight was our biggest art show to date, with a packed house, 941 framed pieces, and tons of participation in our Free Art Friday activity. Our chorus concert, Cinemagic, was a big hit and I have to brag on my 5th grade son Mak, who nailed his solo performance of "Man of Constant Sorrow." Thanks so much to all the volunteers, students, and families who made this night a smashing success!

Here is our table for Free Art Friday crafts - kids made the shoe print charms as a group activity in art class using semi-hardened leftover clay bits. These will be assembled tonight and given away tomorrow.

Our Featured Student Artists! K- Tiffany Tonnu, 1- Lance Frazer, 2- Katie Fredrick, 3- Elizabeth Douglas, 4- Carrington Smith, 5- Nadia Cho

Artome once again did a fab job of setting up the show - we more than doubled our frame sales this year

Here's a hint of one of our hidden FAF pieces - an "Evereman" from local artist Evereman... who will find the first one?


  1. Hello! Do you buy all of the frames and use them from year to year? Or do parents RSVP and then purchase a frame?


    1. A local company called Artome frames all the work every year and they offer the frames for sale. Our school gets a percentage and they reuse the frames at other shows.


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