Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A bite out of summer

This adorable illustration by artist Ben Javens was the inspiration for our last week of art activity. I had originally seen this image on Pinterest, then I saw a lesson similar on "Lessons from the K-12 artroom" blog and I thought it would be a perfect drawing for the last week of school and the start of summer. I added the option of a watermelon wedge for the non-corn enthusiasts (can there be such a a thing?) This was a "draw with me" style lesson, as I have discovered that open-ended lessons are nightmarish during the last days of school, but I did encourage personal choices in the details, patterns and color choices. It was a great review on geometric shapes and overlapping, and the kids find step-by-step drawing very relaxing. Happy summer (eating)!

My demo board after steps are complete


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