Friday, May 10, 2013

Finally, Free Art Friday!

Here are some pics from our fun day of art finding and sharing. Atlanta artists EVEREMAN (in last pic below) and Ms. ATL had art pieces hidden around our school today, as you can see in these pics, and the kids were so excited to search for them, as well as sharing their own versions of Free Art Friday pieces (see the post previous to this one for pics of their clay shoe prints).
At the end of the day, some kids stopped by my room to see if any pieces were still out there. When I told them I thought they had all been found, they said, "well, we will just make some of our own!" EXACTLY! :)
Mission accomplished.


  1. Love it, Hope! My students are so psyched about this. Like you, I'm making plans for next year already. It was like wildfire here. Congrats! FCS elementary schools are embracing the Atlanta art scene!

  2. Love the Folk Art!! :) I visited KY Folk Art Museum in Moorehead...AMAZING.


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