Friday, March 22, 2013

News of the Week...

Me and Mrs. McCann as Frida and Diego
1. Thank you to all the Dolvin families who contributed to our Teacher Appreciation Week! The breakfast, the Monday luncheon, the flower bouquet and all the treats were so enjoyed.
2. Congratulations to my friend and our music teacher Megan Endicott on the publication of her first book, In the Hall of the Mountain King. It was a great art and music collaboration with her talented sister. See the trailer here and preorder your copy here.

3. Here are some pics from my recent trip to the High Museum, where I saw the Frida & Diego exhibit - wonderful works by this Mexican supercouple of art! I highly recommend the show. A few of Frida's pieces are PG-13, so it's a great chance for parents engage in artistic conversations with your kids. I also met a local artist named Evereman who is a popular participant in Free Art Friday, a movement for artists to share their art in the community, finders keepers! Hoping to work that idea in to my curriculum soon...
4. Reminder to Fifth graders: look for pictures of Renaissance clothing online or on playing cards and be prepared to finish your self-portraits!

Evereman and me making a woodburned "Evereman"

close-up Evereman

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