Friday, December 14, 2012

Instrument prints, 4th grade

Printing a series from a styrofoam plate is part of our second unit of curriculum for 4th grade. Contour drawing was a big part of our first unit, so we continued that study with our musical instrument prints. We looked at some master artist examples of "music in art'" such as this Vermeer painting, The Guitar Player, which was a great piece for Artful Thinking: See, Think, Wonder.

Students drew instruments from real life and also from some I projected on the whiteboard - couldn't find a real banjo! Then we transferred our favorite to foam and the printing began!

Next, we numbered, titled, and signed our series and trimmed off excess paper. On our less successful prints - those with smears or less than perfect ink transfer - we added colorful pastel details.


  1. These are excellent, great attention to detail year 4!

  2. You can see their increased understanding of contour lines. Very fluid lines here!
    Congratulations on your blogging award!

  3. these are gorgeous. I will definitely try the printing process soon. I have a brayer in a corner of my classroom and it's been waving at me for a while now.

  4. Very cool! I love the addition of pastel on the 'mistakes' rather than discarding them.

  5. Wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing!


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