Monday, December 17, 2012

Ansel Adams style, Dolvin Photo Club


Ansel Adams was a master photographer and conservationist in America. His black and white landscapes are iconic, whether expansive vistas or close up views. Fifth grade club members engaged in a discussion about the characteristics of his work, such as value and texture contrasts, before heading out onto the nature trail around the school. After a nice afternoon of photo shooting, we edited the pictures back in the computer lab - please enjoy some of our results!



  1. These photos are gorgeous! I love the view from inside the slide. One of my most favorite moments in teaching was last year when a digital photo student of mine said, "I knew an answer on Jeopardy last night and really impressed my mom. It was Ansel Adams!"

  2. That's so fun. I think I would enjoy teaching photography.

  3. Such a great lesson! These look beautiful and I like the way you used technology to create art. Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays :)


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