Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Five reasons to celebrate this week...

1. I hit 500 followers today!  Thanks so much, readers - what a great community.
2. My 4th and 5th grade classes have been cranking out the styrofoam prints in record numbers. We figured out that in Ms. Kohtala's 4th grade class, we did the math to figure out that 26 students made 5 prints each in 45 minutes, that's about a print every 20 seconds - wow!!!

Here's my full-to-the-top drying rack!

5th graders on step 1 of reduction printing - what fun, but what a mess!
3. I was awarded a special coin of excellence at our end-of-November faculty meeting - so nice to be appreciated! I just love it when a special area teacher is recognized - go specials!

4. I helped a friend publish her first book by creating the illustrations and it just went on sale online!  Hoping to get my own books out there before too long. (Trying to talk my daughter into forming a mother/daughter book writing team)

Well, thanks for letting me brag a little - ok, a lot!

5. And one more - celebrate your favorite art teacher blog by nominating them here, The Art of Education's annual Art Ed blog of the year contest: http://www.theartofed.com/2012/12/02/art-ed-blog-of-the-year-nominations-now-open/
You can nominate more than one - deadline is this Friday, Dec. 7!


  1. I thoroughly approve of bragging. Well done getting 500 followers. I'm piddling about at 26. Have you any tips for me? Printmaking is a messy business but very rewarding. I hope you post stage two of the reduction prints.

    1. Now you have one more, gretchen from http://gretchenbuwalda.blogspot.co.nz/!
      my best advice is to leave lots of comments on other blogs you enjoy, which you just did! thanks so much and I will definitely follow up on the printmaking.

  2. Congrats all the way around! Nothing wrong with tooting your own horn once in a while!!

  3. OMG, awesome news all around!! You are one heck of an art teacher/artist!!

  4. I couldn't agree more. Evergreen art is simply lovely. Now what I need it to drag in some live pine trees so my rooms can smell heavenly. Haha. I guess I'll settle for an air freshener.

    Congrats on 500 followers! SO AWESOME!

  5. Congratulations! An awesome finale for 2012 and great energy to launch into 2013!

  6. You rock, lady! kudos all around:)


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