Friday, May 4, 2012

Awesome art show

Thanks so much to the students, parents, volunteers, and staff for a great night of celebrating children's art. Here are some pics of families enjoying the show together. Photo credits to my daughter Kinsey, who took over while I was busy gabbing!

One artwork from each grade level is selected for our school's permanent collection

Chloe with her skillfully drawn Pinocchio illustration

Mrs. Knight and one of her Smartest Artists
Well said, Mary Love!


  1. I know you have said before...but what company frames and sells the frames for the student art?

  2. Congratulations on such a beautiful art show!! It looks like you have so much support from your community! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Have you been happy with the artome company? I am thinking about scheduling a show at my school.

  4. This is our second year using Artome. I wrote a good deal about it last year - The three best things about it are: 1. it showcases EVERY student's work at its best, in a white mat and black frame 2. it is relatively little work for me and an impressive display 3. it is a chance for our department to make a little extra money (we bought 2 ipads from last years profits) - and let me stress that we are not selling the ARTWORK, only the frames, for the parents' convenience. We promote it as a an art show, not a fundraiser.
    The drawbacks are very slight - you are limited to 9x12" art, either vertical or horizontal. That's about it, which isn't really a problem for me because the majority of our work fits that size limit. You can always do extra displays with larger pieces if you wish!
    I definitely recommend it and plan on keeping it an annual tradition.

  5. Thank you that was very helpful!


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