Monday, May 21, 2012

Art Teacher Questions

Well, I published my "farewell for the summer" post before I realized I had forgotten to answer some questions that several art teachers e-mailed me about, so let's get those questions answered! 

Question 1: What are those things on the wall above your student supply shelf?

I made an "Art Materials Timeline" that shows the year different materials were invented, starting with caveman materials and ending with the invention of MacPaint in 1984. The print is easy to read if you are a student, standing at the supply shelf, but almost impossible to photograph as a timeline.  I think timelines are interesting...

Question 2: What kind of watercolor paints are those, divided into warm and cool?

I gave up on using lidded watercolor boxes long ago, and found that ordering the Crayola refills (which come in plastic 3-hole containers) and a few plastic trays (I get mine from is a super easy and inexpensive way to give the students just the color schemes they need, along with plenty of mixing space in the plastic tray.

Question 3: Do you have a word wall?

I have started a collection of clear box framed vocabulary words that grows every year and has a permanent space on my wall. I love the clean look of these inexpensive, lightweight frames and they are very easy to change. Of course, all my elements and principles are always up on the walls, but these are a little more interesting tidbits.

Question 4:  Did you make any changes to your portfolio after your first year with them?

I kept the overall design (see "portfolio" label on the right sidebar for more info) and I added a basic color wheel - older students can add intermediates - and a set of class rules, plus instructions on how to correctly label your work and an "about me" section with favorite things.  Thanks to all the other portfolio users who blogged about their portfolios - it was fun adding your ideas!

There were a few other questions about storage, so here are a few of my storage methods:

empty boxes for various 3-D projects

picture file and scrap paper - worth the investment!!!

not so much organizing, more "waste management"

I love saving these. Makes me feel accomplished, seeing pencils used up to the end!

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