Saturday, May 26, 2012

Announcing the Digital Photography Club!

Starting this fall, Mrs. Teagle and I will once again team up for another year of technology based art in the afternoon! Taking the place of Computer Art club, the Digital Photography club will be open to 5th graders in the fall semester and 4th graders in the spring. We will focus on using a digital camera to create interesting compositions - nature photos, artistic still lifes, portraits - and creating an album and an online gallery of our images. We will also learn about important photographers in history, such as Ansel Adams, Andy Goldsworthy, and Sandy Skoglund.

Look for more information this fall!

Andy Goldsworthy

Ansel Adams

Sandy Skoglund


  1. Wow! I'm looking forward to seeing some photography here:)
    I also teach photography in fifth and have been looking for ways to display photos online. How will you do the album and online gallery?

  2. This is so timely...and maybe I should email instead of doing a huge long comment but...I've been asked to teach my middle school students some digital photography and editing next year and aside from knowing how to point and shoot with my digital camera and do basic editing in software like Picnik I don't have the slightest clue about photography. I'm looking into some online classes but I'm not sure where to start...with school computers and middle school age kids is it better to learn how to use Photoshop elements or photoshop CS5 or should I be looking into a different more student friendly option. To top it off, whatever I learn I basically need to be able to study on my on at home while the baby naps :/ I would love any ideas or input you have

  3. Ohhhhhhhh, I think you've inspired me to try something like this at Spalding!!

  4. We will definitely start with the basics of using a camera, cropping, etc. I am planning on having the kids create a handmade album (still researching that) and using some iPad apps to experiment with different photo effects. I took a photoshop elements course a while back, and did okay for myself, but found it pretty tricky to use with elementary students because of its complexity. We have an iPad cart, a laptop cart, and 6 digital cameras which they will use in teams. I will either start a new blog or create a page on this blog to showcase our photos. Pretty excited!

    1. Also, here's my Pinterest board where I've been collecting ideas (Shannah, you will recognize several of these, wink)


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