Friday, January 20, 2012

Kirigami, Notan, and Rice Field Art

Second graders have had a wonderful time during our unit on the art of Japan.  We are ending the unit with two papercutting techniques known in Japan as Notan, or a balance between opposites, and Kirigami, the art of folding and cutting paper designs.  Thes were a great way to show the differences between radial and linear symmetry
We saw a presentation about an amazing art event in Japan that forms in the rice fields.  See the pictures below - how cool!!!

Kirigami snowflakes... it actually snowed a little outside when we made these!

a well balanced Notan design with linear symmetry

This is a rice paddy in Japan with farmers planting rice seed.  (These pics were sent to me via email a few years ago - please add your link in the comments if they belong to you, and thanks for sharing)

an image starts to emerge as the plants begin growing..

yes - it's Hokusai's "Great Wave" - made from rice plants!

a close up view of the all-natural plants - no ink or dye is used

another field ... the kids really got a kick out of seeing this!


  1. WOW! That rice field is amazing! My 4th grade has also beend doing some awesome Notan designs but I like your take on it...will post soon!

  2. Posts like this are why you won the #1 spot on the AOE list! I have followed your blog since I first started my blog in March of 2011. I am always impressed with your lessons and student work. Thank you for sharing what you do, with the blogosphere. I look forward to your posts every week!



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