Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Shape Quilts - 2nd grade

Pumpkins, pinecones, acorns, gourds, leaves... these are the inspiration for our Fall Shape Quilts.  Artists often take their inspiration from nature and the changing of the seasons.

Second graders began by making contour drawings of these objects in a quilt grid, emphasizing their organic shapes.  We colored them using value changes to make them look more like forms.


We cut some geometric shapes for the quilt pieces and we used fancy cutters.  We glued the organic forms over the top, and voila!

I found a pin on Pinterest that helped me with this idea.  It is from this blog - this one is drawn in pastel by older students - very nice.

My example


  1. I love these Autumn collage compositions.
    The colors and textures are beautiful.

  2. Love how these turned out! By the way, we started ATC's for your students this week!


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