Friday, October 7, 2011

Candy still life, Thiebaud style, in watercolor

First, we practiced drawing simple forms
         Fifth graders have been learning about creating forms using value changes, also known as shading.  We looked at the way master artist Wayne Thiebaud uses geometric forms and value to make his food paintings look three-dimensional. 

Next, we tried four shading techniques
Finally, we tried creating value with our watercolor paints using more water for the lighter values, and less water to get shadows.  Watercolor painting is very tricky ... there are many tips and techniques we discussed for making the most of this translucent, hard-to-handle medium. My favorite parts are the cast shadows... Here are the colorful results:


  1. What a great lesson in understanding how to create value. This is not an easy lesson to teach.

    Your students did an wonderful job.
    I love them all.

  2. These are beautiful! What a great lesson!


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