Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Parents: Portfolios are coming home!

It is time to send home portfolios/sketchbooks/visual journals/art folders!  Sometimes I call them different things, but basically what it means is: all of your kid's art is coming home!  I am encouraging the children to get their pieces home in good shape, without too much folding.  The kids worked very hard this year and I know they will be excited to share their work with you.  Some of the pieces are finished products, but much of it is practice sketches and brainstorming activities, where a lot of the learning takes place.  I know that we can't keep everything, but please choose one special piece from this year to go in a scrapbook, on the fridge, or maybe even in a frame.
Here are some great questions and discussion topics for you and your child when they proudly bring home their portfolio:
Were you inspired by a particular artist for this piece?
What materials did you use?
Which is your favorite and why?
Does this have a special meaning to you?
Does this piece look like something from real life or from your imagination?
What would you change about this if you could?
What did you title this piece?
Be sure and check my blog over the summer for some vacation art ideas.

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