Thursday, May 5, 2011

Old-fashioned pen & ink, 2nd grade

Second graders had a chance to compare today's drawing tools, such as Sharpies and markers, with drawing tools from a century ago.  We drew our fanciful birdcages using dip pens and ink wells, and brushes for thicker lines.  Students quickly learned that it takes much skill to control this method of drawing, and that drips and splatters are an almost unavoidable part of the process.  Once we got over the fear of dripping ink and blotchy lines and learned to embrace the imperfections, the kids really enjoyed this old school method of drawing.  We really have it easy these days, with the ink safely stored right inside our pens, that snap shut with a click!  We chose to color only the bird, to give it emphasis among all the swirling lines.  I love their vintage character!


  1. I love the colored birds against the black lines of the bird cages!


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