Friday, March 13, 2020

#mARTchmadness 2020: week 2

Little change of plans, my smartest artists! Due to our unexpected Digital Learning Days, I would love for you to vote for this week's artwork in the comments here. You can also vote on my Instagram or Twitter page with your parents' help - see the links on the right of this page.
Modern Masterpieces features four artworks from the past 200 years. First is Mary Cassatt's oil painting, Young Mother Sewing. This is an example of Impressionism, because it shows a moment in daily life and is painted with  loose brushstrokes in bright color. 

This very large oil painting shows General Washington and soldiers crossing the frozen river during the Revolutionary War.  This is an example of an artwork illustrating an historic event.

This brightly colored dancing cow is an example of Expressionism, which uses color and symbols to share an idea.

This striking quilt was made by a folk artist who worked in a group in her community, making quilts out of loved ones’ old clothing. Folk artists are self-taught.

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