Saturday, August 19, 2017

My favorite new resources in the weekend sale!

Today starts the weekend sale in my Teachers pay Teachers store, so I thought I'd tell you a little more about some of my top sellers AND new things for art teachers as well as classroom teachers who want more art-infused lessons and activities. Everything is 15% off, and some are always free.

New for the art teacher:
Very Fancy Vocabulary - a set of 10 important art words that deserve the fanciest treatment. I like to feature one per month - this month we are showcasing "inspiration" - you will also find portfolio, figure, critique, silhouette, composition, illustration, thumbnails, observation, and craftsmanship.

New portfolio design! I have a set of different portfolios from over the years, and I just added this new one to the set that I will use with all my grades this year. I print them on 11x17" paper and it is a great way for students to keep important words and concepts right at their fingertips while storing their art inside. The portfolio bundle has many options for the art room at all different levels - students really take pride in their collection of work each year.

New for the elementary classroom teacher:
My Goal Plan: for setting project or learning goals

Finish Line self-assessment - a fun way to reflect at the end of a unit or project, with illustrations to keep the student engaged.

Drawing My Future self- portrait activity

Writing exercises that use art as inspiration:

Some best-sellers:
These handouts are perfect for student sketchbooks or enlarged and displayed at centers.

So much more at my store!
Please stop by and shop the sale this weekend - I hope you find something to enhance your classroom!

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  1. You really are my very favorite art teacher, Hope. I mean it!!! I will be shopping soon for all these stellar new teaching resources!!!! You should very seriously consider writing a book.


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