Saturday, August 26, 2017

Contour drawing with a twist!

My 2nd and 3rd graders learned about observation and contour drawing in our first project. We observed, or looked closely, at a variety of differently shaped art supplies, and practiced our contour line drawing - a slow and smooth line that defines outlines and details. Once we  had a few objects drawn, I threw in a twist - we imagined the art supplies coming to life! Making something look like it is alive is called animation - we looked at examples like those in the book The Day the Crayons Quit and added features like faces, expressions, and even word or thought bubbles. We had a class discussion about the poor art supplies that were so bored over the summer while we were gone and how happy they were to see us :)! It was quite a fun time in the old art room.
Illustration from Drew Daywalt's fantastic book


  1. Thank you! I'm going to try this this year and I'm looking forward to how much the kids will love it!

  2. Hi
    I love your blog, it is very inspiring. I teach art in a school for children with multiple and complex needs so they can't really manage a lot of what gets done in the mainstream art room. So I was wondering if you knew/had come across any art teacher's blogs who work with children with similar difficulties. Thank you. I'm I Scotland btw.

  3. This is adorable. I did a similar assignment last year for sketchbooks and the kids went gangbusters with it :) I will definitely revisit this, it's so much fun!!


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