Friday, March 24, 2017

Fine Arts Night 2017

Dolvin's annual art show and chorus concert will take place on Thursday, April 13 - please plan for your family to attend!
Students have been supporting the FurKids Atlanta animal shelter all year by creating and sharing artwork featuring the pets in need of homes. In art class, we have created some pawprint clay charms and pawprint crayons that we will sell for $1 each, and that money will be donated to the animal shelter.
The art in the exhibit is not for sale, it belongs to the artists, but mats/frames are available for $25, and a portion goes to Dolvin. All artwork will be returned to the students shortly after the show comes down. Please come and enjoy viewing our masterpieces and engaging in artistic conversation.


  1. hi- i LOVE this invite...wondering if you created it or if you created it on a specific website like canva.
    thanks! it's pretty perfect for my starry night themed show this year. any info is appreciated. thanks! lisa

    1. So sorry for the long delay in responding - I get tons of spam comments and the genuine ones are hard to find! I made this using a template in Word. Good luck!


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