Monday, March 6, 2017

Animal stencils with collective nouns

Fourth grade students explored positive and negative shapes, silhouettes, and stencil making with this lesson. We also found the proper collective noun name for groups of animals. I think these are just super cool and graphic! We used a thick cardstock for the stencil and looked up animal silhouette shapes on our iPads for research - a silhouette has to be recognizable by the shape only with no inner details. Drawing and cutting a silhouette stencil was slightly trickier than we thought at the onset, but we persevered with great results. 


  1. This looks terrific! How did you finally end up cutting the stencils?

    1. I demonstrated making a small snip in the middle of the animal shape, then sliding the open scissor into that cut and beginning to cut from the inside out. We had a few that forgot not to cut the negative space, but masking tape was a perfect solution for that.


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