Saturday, May 7, 2016

Highlights from our art show - Fine Arts Night 2016

Our chorus concert and art show - also known as Fine Arts Night - is always a fun end of year event at Dolvin. We had another fantastic turnout, with lots of proud faces and families. Take a look! 
 We started working on the chorus concert backdrop a couple of weeks in advance - luckily art and music classes are neighboring so kids could take turns working on it in the hall during their specials time. 100 Years of Broadway was their show title and they had some amazing performances.

We continued our tradition of promoting the Free Art Movement! Some of my 4th and 5th grade students made Free Art to share in the form of coloring books and free art flyers - these went fast! The idea for these came from some awesome teachers in the Facebook art teacher group - Mrs. Abreu's art class and - thanks for sharing!

The art show itself is made of a variety of pieces made throughout the year - each student selects a favorite piece from their portfolio, after discussing what makes a good choice: craftsmanship, completion, pride, appealing to the audience of parents : ) . The Artome company does a great job of framing and displaying our show, and offering parents the convenience of purchasing a frame with some profits benefitting our art program. The art belongs to the students and is then returned after the show.

Many parents and students wrote FAN letters to the artists, which were collected and will be delivered next week. I offer this letter template for free on my Teachers Pay Teachers site,
It's a fun way to give and receive feedback!
This friend got hers the very next day!

We also had a hand painted backdrop for photos, made by some of my 1-2 kiddos.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers on our Fine Arts Night committee- your help made everything work out so well!

We have lots of techies at our school and they made it possible to live stream the chorus concert, which was happening on the opposite end of the building, down at our end in the Commons. Before and after the concert, we showed a slideshow of our Artsonia gallery - no preparation, just a click of the mouse, thanks to Artsonia!

Now it's time to send everything home - my closet is overflowing! I hope all the families enjoy seeing the work the students bring home in the next weeks! Let's do it all over again next year!


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos and the Free fan letter. I was thinking of putting out post-its for this purpose but think the fan letter might be a real plus.

  2. I'm so happy you like our coloring book idea and used it as part of your show! So cool.

  3. Everything about this post is fabulous! I especially love the fan letters and "free art for you." Thanks for sharing.


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