Sunday, May 8, 2016

5th grade memory bowls

This glazed clay bowl will make a nice keepsake for my 5th graders about to head off to middle school. I hope it will help them remember the years of fun in art class as they grow!

We started by rolling a slab and cutting the outer shape.

Next, we added pressed textures and joined coils rolled into numbers and letters, followed by firing and glazing.


  1. Felicitaciones!!!
    Excelente blog!!

  2. So much fun....I wish we had a kiln. So you have any clay project ideas that will work without a kiln? I help out at a Park budget so no kiln. We did get some air dry clay as a donation just looking for a fun project for them.

  3. These are so fun! Is that a giant canvas board you have for each table? Thanks for sharing this project!!


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