Friday, January 22, 2016

Mid-year updates from Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists

Class Dojo Rewards Day was at the end of December - Congratulations to Ms. Alton's 4th grade class, who had the highest number of Class Dojo points for the whole school at the end of the second 9 weeks! They received the hand-printed Art Stars shown in the pic above. Other top classes were:
K - Cameron
1 - Petrina
2 - Shaffer/Popola
3 - Windle
5 - Holden
These students received these handmade Art Star crayons...

Individual students who had reached the 10 or 20 point levels received their rewards on the day before winter break.
You can read more about how I use Class Dojo in the art room in this post from earlier this year.

Dolvin families have been doing a great job following our Artsonia site and leaving wonderful comments for the students - it is so great to get feedback from outside the classroom! Students are becoming more and more confident in their publishing skills and we have really enjoyed using ipads to share our work in this way. Today's Artsonia counts for this school year so far:
15,003 visits to our gallery
2,280 published artworks
1,825 artist fans (family members who have connected)
516 comments from fans

Student portfolios are filling up with some amazing work and students can easily access vocabulary words and concepts on the word walls and track our media use with the media talley section - both found on the front covers of our portfolios. When the students take them home in the spring, after our big art show, they should be brimming with art learning!

Our third nine weeks is filled with kid favorites like clay, printmaking, weaving, and perspective drawing - stay in touch with daily updates on Instagram @smartestartists , and thanks as always for your support! #dolvinFAN

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