Saturday, November 7, 2015

This week in art... First of November

Here is a sneek peak of what's going on in the art room now - a few of these will have more detailed posts coming soon. Please follow me on Instagram @smartestartists for daily updates!
The picture above shows a 5th grade class reading their pen pal letters that arrived from California. They are excited about designing postcards to send back.

My fourth graders are beginning their city building drawings based on James Gulliver Hancock's project "All the Buildings in New York" - this is always an amazing printmaking lesson for 4th and I know this year will be no different, pics soon to come. See his work here - great style and subject!

Third graders are working on expressive line drawings and still doing some uploading to Artsonia - they are hooked and want to upload everything!

Second graders have begun some wintry landscape collages with bubble print backgrounds - these evergreen trees are in expressive warm or cool colors using Fadeless art paper - I love that stuff! We looked to one of my all-time favorites, Charles Schulz, for inspiration here. More to come.

First graders are completing their sunflower still lifes inspired by Vincent Van Gogh and will soon research his Starry Night. This is part of our "nouns in art" unit. People=portraits, Places=landscapes, and Things=still life.

 This resource is available on my Teachers pay Teachers site.

Kindergarteners turned paint blobs into interesting collage creatures after reading the book Beautiful Oops. We learned about shapes, textures, and collage techniques as well as creating art from our imaginations.

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